Lucknow Residency

In progress


In collaboration with Nolabel we are currently working on a grand multimedia show in Lucknow, North India – mapping at the “Lucknow Residency”, which will be devoted to the history and cultural heritage of the city. It will be our first project of such magnitude in India.

Coming this October at The Residency, Lucknow, the birthplace of the 1857 mutiny and the first war of India’s independence, Indian history will no longer remain obscure and in the shadows but instead as a permanent installation in the form of a daily 35 minute spectacle using 3D projection mapping, advanced lighting and surround sound.

The mapping devoted to the history and cultural heritage of the city of Lucknow, located in North India, will be the first such project developed by New Amsterdam and Nolabel in India. Nolabel has been co-operating with commercial houses and advertising agencies from Mumbai, which is the most important marketing centre in India, for several years. Thanks to this partnership, productions of the Cracow studio reach hundreds of millions of people. “Lucknow Residency” will be however the first multimedia cultural project of such magnitude to be developed by both Nolabel and New Amsterdam on the Indian Peninsula.

For several years, we have been observing dynamic changes in thinking about the museum exhibition in Poland. Narrative museums, that is those which use the “storytelling” technique and induce specific sensations and emotions, not only with traditional exhibits, but also by using modern technology, set design, multimedia projections and lighting, have grown in importance.

The hub of New Amsterdam and Nolabel has been successfully implementing innovative solutions in museums, cultural institutions and science centres for years. Since 2009, both companies implemented more than 30 multimedia projects throughout Poland, including 20 multimedia museums, which are highly rated by both visitors and experts. Our Indian project partner will be Sirius Digital, an emerging player in entertainment in India.