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In July 2016, the Old Theatre in Kraków will open its Interactive Centre for Theatre Education Museum (MICET). In April 2015, we won the competition for Centre’s multimedia content.

The Helena Modrzejewska National Old Theatre in Kraków is the second oldest theatre in Poland and one of the three national dramatic stages. The Interactive Centre for Theatre Education Museum (MICET) is intended to be a place where you can “experience a living theatre”. Visitors to the Centre will be able to play the roles of directors, actors and set designers. The dominant theme of the exhibition is the history of the Old Theatre and the presentation of actors and directors related to the venue. The museum will be a place open to the general public, not only specialists professionally involved with the theatre. The exposition, divided into six zones organised around concepts such as: space, director, stage, actor, mediateka and workshop will be enriched with multimedia equipment.

Thanks to multimedia applications prepared by New Amsterdam, visitors will be able to, among other things, try their hand at designing sets for productions staged at the Old Theatre, compose music for the spectacle or take part in acting exercises in a specially arranged rehearsal room.

The applications will be supplemented by educational films developed on the basis of archival materials and 2D and 3D animated wall projections. In addition to multimedia presentations for touch screens and tablets, New Amsterdam will also design visual identification for tour paths around the Centre, prepare sound recordings for the museum environment and develop the website.

The multimedia Educational Centre is going to occupy space on the ground floor of the building located at 5 Jagiellońska Street, part B, as well as the basement, which is a total area of more than 650 m2.

In a nutshell

648 m2
exhibition space
3D Animations
6 thematic