Emigration Museum

Permanent exhibition


On 17 May 2015, a unique museum was opened in Gdynia – the first Polish museum dedicated to stories of emigration from the Polish territories. New Amsterdam prepared the design and implemented multimedia elements for the main exhibition.

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia is the first place in Poland dedicated entirely to the history of emigration. It conducts research activities, as well as collects and presents exhibits related to Polish emigration. The exhibition includes 9 thematic sections, where visitors are taken on a tour through the history of Polish emigration from the earliest periods, through the Industrial Revolution, World War Two, the Polish People’s Republic and ending with modern times. The exhibition shows us the reality of Polish emigrants crossing the sea, sheds some light on what life was like on board of Batory – one of the most famous Polish liners, and shares poignant stories of people who had reasons to leave the country.

The investment was financed from the budget of the City of Gdynia and from European funds as a part of JESSICA programme. The museum is located in a historic building of the former Marine Station (1933) – icon of Gdynia modernism.

In the interwar period it was the transit station for thousands of Poles leaving the country. Renovation works were being conducted from mid-May 2013 to restore the original character of the building and to adapt it for museum purposes. The total area of the museum is over 6000 m2.

Awards and distinctions

In 2015, it was chosen as one of the five most interesting Polish museums according to National Geographic Polska. In 2016, it was nominated in the Zabytek Zadbany competition organised by the National Heritage Board of Poland in the category Adaptation of historical buildings. Results will be made known on 20 April.

In a nutshell

1. Polish museum
dedicated to emigration
9 thematic
6000 m2
of Museum
3600 m2