Showroom Kronopol

Interactive showroom


For the main office of Kronopol in Żary, we have prepared complete multimedia equipment for an interactive showroom and state-of-the-art conference room. Our presentations, applications and mappings allow visitors to better understand the nature and offer of the company.

Chronicle is an application controlled by motion sensors which presents the highlights of the 20-year history of Kronopol. Without touching the screen, the users are able to move subsequent boards and learn about the company’s history, key investments and innovations in the production process. The whole concept is built around the structure of tree rings, which is a clear reference to the business activity of our client, i.e. the market leader in wood products. The dominant element is a video wall composed of fifteen screens for displaying multimedia presentations. During conferences, the room mapping changes the environment and moves participants of a meeting to the forest. Yet another feature, Krono-News application is a multimedia newspaper, which publishes articles about business, sponsorship activities and hobbies of the employees. Navigating the Kronopol complex is facilitated by an interactive 3D map displayed on a multi-touch table. It features a factory plan, videos, and photographs.

Interactive Room Configurator is addressed to Kronopol’s customers, who, by means of a touch screen, may act as interior designers. The customer selects design elements and their colour and the effect is instantly visualised in the form of 3D mapping. Similar functionality is provided by Interactive Texture Sampler – after selecting a model and colour, the screen displays information about its properties.

In a nutshell

15 monitors
3D Mapping
1 Leap Motion
20 years of company
in one app