Muzeum COP


The creation of the exhibition, such as the Muzeum COP, takes years of preparation and effort. Before the first visitors step foot into the museum, a team of initiators, visionaries, historians, architects, construction workers and other specialists has cooperated together to bring the idea to life. This journey begins with a vision that is refined through years of planning and collaboration. In this case resulting in a captivating, attractive and informative experience for guests. Experience that serves as an embodiment of the vision held by the fathers of COP (Central Industrial District) – the most important project of the Second Polish Republic, which was shaped in the years 1936-1939 constituting 15% of the territory of Poland, inhabited by 17% of Poland’s population. The COP project succeeded in vastly expanding Polish industry, and even if COP had been stopped by World War II, after the end of the war in 1945 it was rebuilt and expanded.

“We were involved with the COP Museum project from the very beginning – consulting and helping to shape its first vision that laid the foundations for long-term cooperation.”

The exhibition was brought to life through institutional partnerships with various companies. In parallel with construction and scenography works performed by consortium members, we carefully designed, produced and implemented the content presented throughout the museum. Joint effort allowed for the creation of a cohesive and engaging experience for visitors, featuring interactive displays, multimedia installations and immersive environments that transport guests back in time.

“The history of the Polish Central Industrial District shows that people who have a vision and a pragmatic approach can literally move mountains with the help of the others.”

The exhibition showcases the rich history of economic, industrial, and technological advancements in Poland during the interwar period. Through expertly curated exhibits and engaging multimedia presentations, the museum captures the essence of the Central Industrial District and its impact on the nation’s development. It consists of more than170 infographics, numerous films and animations, interactive multimedia applications, and multilanguage audio guides that delve into various aspects of the district’s history, from its inception, creation, inventions, the regular life of residents, to its eventual decline.

“Highlights of the exhibition include a multimedia installation featuring recreated interviews with engineers, scientists, inventors and organisers involved in the district’s creation, as well as avatars of its creators.”

We were also responsible for the immersive environments that recall the atmosphere of a blast foundry furnace, a dam, and the interior of an airplane produced in a district. The exhibition also features sections dedicated to the development of the arms industry and aviation in the region, offering insights into the production process and the technologies that emerged during this time.

The COP Museum not only stands as a testament to the efforts of those who brought it to life, but also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and maintaining this valuable piece of history for future generations. Through regular upkeep, updates and the incorporation of new findings and innovations, the museum will continue to offer visitors an engaging and educational experience that sheds light on the Central Industrial District’s lasting impact on Poland’s economy and society.

“By staying true to the original vision and continuing to collaborate with experts and partners, the COP museum will remain a vibrant and essential institution for years to come, revitalising an area that was not recognised as a touristic attraction.”