Centre for the Documentation
of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor


The opening of a new building of the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor – Cricoteka has been one of the most important cultural events of 2014. The modern centre combines exhibition, educational, and scientific activities and is dedicated to one artist – Tadeusz Kantor.

For the new Cricoteka, we have prepared the entire audio-visual content presented on the permanent exhibition. We were also responsible for its installation on to the AV and IT equipment. Within three months, we have digitalised hundreds of photos and digitally processed archival film and audio recordings from the Cricoteka collection. On the basis of that digital content, we designed multimedia stations which introduce the visitors to the amazing world of Kantor’s art. Tablets placed in front of the entrance to the permanent exhibition contain a presentation about Tadeusz Kantor, a timeline of his accomplishments and interactive exposition guide. Visitors to the exhibition can use the portable tablets with an interactive presentation enriched with photographs, audio and video recordings and a map of the building.

An additional attraction is the so-called ‘intelligent guide’. It is activated whenever a person is close to the exhibit assigned to a given RFID sensor. Once activated, the screen displays the presentation on the object nearby. Also, the visitors have an opportunity to go on virtual tour around the former headquarters of Cricoteka at 5 Kanoniczna Street, look through a virtual book of Kantor’s paintings and watch a film “The Growing Building of Cricoteka”, showing successive stages of the construction of the new building.

Moreover, we are the authors of a mobile application that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones with iOS, Android or Windows Phone systems.

In a nutshell

10 000 digitised
photos in interactive presentations
400 min of edited
and retouched video
50 multimedia
10 multimedia