NBP Money Centre

Competition project


Our project of the multimedia exhibition on the history of money came second in the concept design competition for the NBP Money Centre. Our idea was to promote economic education and increase awareness of Poles in this respect.

In our project we designed the exhibition divided into 16 thematic modules which will occupy over 2000 m2. It will cover periods from antiquity to the present day in chronological order. Visitors will be able to learn more about the history of Polish economic thought and see what the first Polish coin, the denarius of Bolesław I Chrobry, was like. We wanted visitors to learn about the stages of the production process of banknotes and coins and see the insides of an ATM. The exhibition will be complemented by multimedia equipment and numerous virtual games for children and youth. Another attraction is a virtual simulator of monetary policy planning and investing in the stock market.

Our project of the exhibition came second in the contest for the concept design for the Money Centre. Our idea was to create a place which would not only present interesting numismatic items, but also offer modern educational activities explaining the complicated mechanisms of monetary system. Those propositions were conveyed in a clean spatial design, in which touch screens with multimedia presentations were harmoniously integrated into the elements of that design. Various thematic modules were adapted to the presented content. The room devoted to contemporary times was the one with the largest amount of multimedia elements. Equipped with screen walls displaying charts and stock quotes, it faithfully imitated a real stock exchange.

a nutshell

2nd in
the competition
16 thematic
2000 m2