Esken's House

District Museum in Toruń


The project for the District Museum in Toruń involved: production of Księga Toruń [Book of Toruń] 3D film, and visual design of the Mock-up Room at the Archaeology and History Department situated in the Eskens’ House, where the film is displayed.

The 12-minute 3D animation presents the history of Toruń from its founding to the present day in a nutshell. The beginning follows the fairy-tale convention and illustrates a legend according to which the earliest seat of the founders of the city, the Teutonic Knights, was the crown of an oak growing on the right bank of the Vistula River. The picture is screened in the Mock-up Room, specifically arranged by us for this purpose, the floor of which reproduces the famous city plan by engraver Matthäus Merian in perspective view of 1641, which occupies nearly 50 m2.

The film is accompanied by additional audio-visual materials displayed on four screens presenting historical images of the city and archival photographs. Visitors to the Room can also admire models of buildings of the old Toruń: Teutonic castle and the New Town Hall (both of which have not stood the test of time) as well as the Old Town Hall building in its pre-1703 shape.

The exhibition in the Eskens’ House in Toruń shows how to use eye-catching multimedia to attract a younger audience to learning about the history of the city, without sacrificing the educational value.

Project executed by Nolabel Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the New Amsterdam team.

In a nutshell

12 min. 3D
150 m2 exhibition