Centre for Environmental Education


How did water come to be in our universe? What are its properties? Answers to these and many other questions are provided by a multimedia exhibition at the Centre for Environmental Education HYDROPOLIS in Wrocław, which has been open since 5 December 2015.

Nearly 4000 m2 of space has been created inside an old water tank building, which in the past year underwent a remarkable makeover. That space now houses the most innovative exhibition dedicated to the presence of water in the universe in Poland. New Amsterdam was commissioned by the Municipal Water and Sewage Company in Wrocław to prepare comprehensive multimedia equipment for the narrative exhibition.


HYDROPOLIS is a place where attractive visual form serves creative education. This multimedia exhibition offers more than 30 animated and educational films prepared by New Amsterdam, in which we show life in the depths of seas and oceans, the role of water in human life and the history of water engineering. The signature part of the exhibition is Aquaplanet, where visitors can see a spherical projection on a globe suspended above the surface of water and 3D mapping projected onto one of the largest screens in Poland. Those interested in technology will surely find models of ships from different eras and a 1:1 replica of the Bathyscaphe Trieste (the first manned vessel to have reached the deepest point of the Earth – the bottom of the Challenger Deep) interesting. After such an intensive tour, you can wind down in the relaxation zone and watch a multimedia presentation, entitled The Fantastic Beach.

Visitors are engaged by educational games and interactive applications making use of innovative solutions, including touch screens, Kinect technology or multimedia tables displaying interactive maps of Wrocław.

The presentation is supplemented by a module called Hydropedia – an interactive compendium of knowledge about water, which includes 50 multimedia presentations combining a number of visual materials: photos, videos, graphs, animations and 3D models. Sound effects, which provide visitors with additional sensory input, and music compositions by Krzysztof A. Janczak (awarded composer of the new generation) are the crowning elements of the whole design.

We are also creators of Lighthouse – original system, which is used to manage, update and edit the content of all presentations. Lighthouse also provides constant monitoring of the quality of work of multimedia devices, and integration of content scenarios with external devices, for example, lighting.

In a nutshell

50 multimedia
200 computers
400 multimedia
30 movies
and animations
4000 m2 exhibition space
8 mln PLN
of budget
360 degree