European Fairy Tale Centre

Interactive exhibition
“The Land of Soria Moria”
In progress


In the near future part of the European Fairy Tale Centre in Pacanów will turn into the land of ice from Scandinavian fairy tales and legends. We are currently working on a multimedia exhibition that will take visitors to the frosty “Land of Soria Moria”.

European Fairy Tale Centre

Pacanów is the European Capital of Fairy Tales. The town which was sought after by Matołek the Billy-Goat in the book by Kornel Makuszyński is the host of the Festival of Children’s Culture. Also, the European Fairy Tale Centre, which is a unique cultural institution aimed at children, has been operating there since 2005. The Centre has so far presented the exhibition “Fairy-tale world” and provided children with a dedicated library, cinema and theatre. Now, the Centre is going to add another attraction to its offer: a multimedia exhibition “The Land of Soria Moria”, which will be implemented by New Amsterdam.

The world of Norwegian fairy tales and stories

The title of our exhibition at the European Fairy Tale Centre is a reference to one of the best‑known Norwegian fairy tales, “Soria Moria Castle”, which describes an adventurous and perilous journey in search of the titular Castle “Soria Moria”. The narrative of the space has also been inspired by “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. The exhibition will not feature traditional exhibits; the visit will resemble a journey through an icy land, the destination of which is the palace of the Snow Queen.

A multimedia journey through the frozen land

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors will find themselves in a fantastic, shimmering space with lots of ice, crystals and frosted greenery. They will be further immersed in the fairy-tale world with the use of sound installations, multimedia mirrors, interactive floors and applications on touch screens.

Multimedia stations and the design will create a kind of story, through which visitors will feel like heroes in a fairy tale. In order for the journey through the land of ice to be a real adventure for the youngest visitors, fairy-tale characters will guide them and give them tasks to complete. The end game, as in Andersen’s fairy tale, will be to defeat the evil queen and restore spring.

To educate and entertain

When designing exhibitions for children, we always try to make an attractive visual form go hand in hand with educational values. Therefore, all tasks are tailored to the age of the recipients, so that a visit to the Centre does not only entertain, but also provide knowledge about the culture and folklore of the Scandinavian countries. The exhibition management system integrated with mobile devices will allow for skipping certain tasks if they prove to be too difficult for the youngest visitors.

The scope of work

Our scope of work at the European Fairy Tale Centre includes the design of the exhibition and making and providing all the elements of scenography and installations. We will also be responsible for the production of multimedia content for all stations and recording voice-over as well as the delivery and installation of multimedia devices. The exhibition will be equipped with our original management system Lighthouse.