Polish Aviation Museum

Wings of the Great War exhibition


The Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków is located at one of the oldest European airfields. Its collection of aircraft from the First World War is unique worldwide. Permanent exhibition Wings of the Great War, which we worked on, is dedicated to those machines.

The exposition has been remodelled because of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI in 2014. It is one of the largest and most interesting exhibitions opened to commemorate this anniversary. The main objective of the exhibition is to show aviation in the possible broadest context which would encompass not only the historical, military and technical but also the individual dimension. The image is now enhanced by stories about the people of war – aviators, their everyday lives and their place in the collective memory.

We have supplemented the exhibition with impressive amount of multimedia equipment – sounds, videos, presentations displayed on screens and touch screens and a multimedia table, which allows the recipient to independently gain knowledge. Another notable quality of the exhibition is its innovative design combined with elements of the so-called Augmented Reality. Eye-catching design is maintained in a characteristic comics convention – hangar’s walls come alive with large-format comic pages with multimedia elements. All this builds a narrative and an expressive exhibition, immersing the visitor in the story.

Our tasks included, among others, delivery and installation of audio-visual equipment, development of the graphic concept and scripts of videos, animations, presentations, and the whole design of exhibition space. We are also the authors of Lighthouse Manager system. The Wings of the Great War exhibition was opened in July 2014 and occupies a space of 700 m2.

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