PGE Power Giants

Municipal Cultural Centre in Bełchatów


For the Municipal Cultural Centre in Bełchatów, we created the entirely new, first multimedia exposition in Poland on coal and electricity. The interactive experience was made available to the public in May 2014. Located on three floors of a new building of the Municipal Cultural Centre, it presents the process of generating electricity from brown coal by the “power giants” in the brown coal mine and power plant in Bełchatów in an innovative way.

Visual concept and exhibition design are based on elements of visual identity of the Municipal Cultural Centre that was previously in use – we built the graphic design around a polygonal structure, which is a reference to the MCC logo. As a result, a world we created is attractive and appealing to the imagination as it is inhabited by animated, original characters: Woltuś [Volty], Dżulka [Joulie], Prof. Om [Ohm], Robot with a Heart of Coal and Gaja [Gaia] – personification of nature. The heroes guide the visitors around the exposition and invite them to enter the virtual world, at the same time revealing the secrets of brown coal formation and its use. The viewer has, among others, the opportunity to visit an excavation site, learn about the cycle of energy generation, conduct experiments on electricity with interactive games or take up the role of a power dispatcher.

The whole project consists of the website concept development, creation of an integrated system of visual identity for the exhibition and graphic designs of all stations. The multimedia exhibition occupying over 600 m2 includes 6 presentations, 7 animations, 21 films and 10 educational games addressed to audiences od different age groups and over 20 sound projects that enhance the whole experience.

The 3D graphic design of the Gigusie Brunatne [Gigabrown] family has been awarded the Advertising Creators Club KTR 2013 Award – one of the most important awards in the field of creative advertising in Poland. In 2015 exhibition PGE Power Giants has been awarded in the competition Polska Pięknieje – 7 cudów Funduszy Europejskich.
On 16 October 2015, during the Tour Salon fair in Poznań, winners of the Best Tourism Product 2015 competition were selected. The winning attraction in Łódzkie Province was PGE Power Giants exhibition in the Municipal Cultural Centre in Bełchatów. Polish Tourist Organisation Certificate for the Best Tourism Product is one of the most important awards in the tourism industry. Certificates are awarded to innovative projects – places, objects and events implemented at regional and local level – by way of competition. This year the competition was entered by 46 projects from Poland, from which the jury selected ten winners. Power Giants was among such projects as: the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw POLIN, Culture Zone in Katowice or the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków.

In a nutshell

11 multimedia
10 educational
7 3D
4 fims
500 m2 exhibition
KTR 2013 Award