Museum on the Cliff

Permanent exhibition


The Multimedia Museum on the Cliff in Trzęsacz is situated in the seaside town famous for its ruins of the twelfth-century church whose walls have been gradually taken by the sea. In 2014, it was remodelled and opened in a new, interactive form.

Now, the renovated interiors of the museum house a multimedia exhibition of our design that uses sound, light and image to invite the visitors to a fascinating world on the border of fairy tale and science. The exhibition is divided into four main thematic sections and focuses on the history of Trzęsacz, explains the importance of the 15th meridian east, which passes through the town, and tells a local legend of the Baltic Sea King’s daughter as well as the history of the church ruins. In the last hall of the exhibition, multimedia guide directs the visitors to take part in a special spectacle reminiscent of a legend according to which the first wall of the church sank into the sea during an evening mass. With the use of animation we managed to recreate the atmosphere of horror and a raging storm from those events. The second animation explains in a scientific, but easily understandable, way the phenomenon of abrasion, i.e. the process of destruction of the sea shore by the waves.

Our contribution to the Museum on the Cliff started in mid-2013. We are the authors of the exhibition design, all animations and mappings. We have retold the story of that place anew.


In the early 2016, the Multimedia Museum on the Cliff was voted the Best Attraction of Zachodniopomorskie Province in the online poll organised by Polska-Travel website. The Museum received over 50% of all votes.

In a nutshell

2 animations
4 thematic