On the revolutions

Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge


We have developed the entire visual concept and all multimedia elements of the O Obrotach [On the Revolutions] exhibition at the Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge in Toruń. The Mill, located in a historic building of the Richter’s mill, is the first science centre in the Kujawy and Pomerania region. The goal of the centre is not only education and popularisation of science but also presentation of applications of natural sciences in everyday life.

The theme of the O Obrotach exhibition is rotation and its practical application. The exhibition area of 320 m2 centres around the revolutionary work of Nicolaus Copernicus On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres and a dominant exhibit of the Centre – the Foucault Pendulum. The exhibition is divided into two sections uniformly arranged in the exhibition space. It consists of interactive stations and machines thematically related to wheel, rotation, planetary systems and space travels.

For this project, we have prepared an exhibition design, along with a clear visual identity related to the circular movement, as well as graphic designs and development of all stations. The project incorporates 21 experimental stations, 10 multimedia presentations displayed on touch screens, 8 games, and 6 films and animations which make the visitor feel like being inside the spaceship.

For example, one can take part in a simulation of docking with a space station, give controlling a robot a try or steer a Martian rover and experience exploring new planets. The exhibition is accompanied by educational sound tracks that introduce scientific issues in an accessible manner. We are also the creators of a content management system – Content Lighthouse, which is used to manage the content of all presentations and an exhibition management system – Lighthouse Manager.

Project executed by Nolabel Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the New Amsterdam team.

In a nutshell

10 multimedia
30 AR
21 experimental
8 interactive
6 films
320 m2 of exhibition