Under the Fortune Cellar

Multimedia exhibition


Underground of a tenement house of the Lubomelski family located in the centre of the Lublin old town contains the first multimedia museum of that city. The Under Fortuna Cellar owes its name to the Roman goddess of fate, whose image is portrayed in the sixteenth-century ceiling fresco.

10 rooms, covering a total area of over 200 m2, present a historical exhibition in which traditional exhibits have been supplemented by us with unconventional multimedia solutions.

The exhibition is divided into several thematic parts which introduce the visitor to different aspects of the city’s history. Multimedia presentations include images, videos and sound effects that create an illusion of the world gone by, recreating not only the elaborate history of the city but also its atmosphere. Particular emphasis has been placed on the reproduction of everyday life in the old Lublin and diversity of the city “at the crossroads of cultures”.

Thanks to new technologies, the visitors can literally touch history by browsing presentations displayed on LCD touch screens or virtually paging through old documents. 3D projections show the most important sights of the city, whereas a virtual window, which is in fact a rear projection screen, makes it possible to travel back in time.

The project received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Lubelskie Province 2007-2013. We were responsible for the preparation of multimedia presentations and films shown at the exhibition. The design was executed by Fabryka Dekoracji.

w liczbach

200 m2
of exhibition
10 thematic
3D projections