Showroom T-Mobile

Interactive showroom


T-Mobile Showroom in Warsaw was designed by us so as to fill the space not only with magenta colour, trademark for the brand, but mostly with interactive multi-touch applications.

One of them allows you to rotate the globe in search of all T-Mobile branches in the world. Other apps literally bring clients closer to the brand idea – touch tables display advertising spots and offers, and present the history of the company.

Also, we decided to introduce other innovations, e.g. control over the presentations on a seamless video wall, consisting of 12 screens. This offers full creative control over what and when you want to present.

In addition, the reception is reinforced by videomapping, living floor and living wall technologies on the walls and the floor. However, the most impressive feature must be the holographic phones “floating” in the air, operated with the use of the Leap Motion controller. The T-Mobile Showroom in Warsaw was opened in 2014.