Centennial Hall

The Discovery Center


The Discovery Center by the Centennial Hall in Wrocław is one of the most interactive places in Poland. For this Client we have implemented a series of integrated projects: designing a modern and elegant visual identification system, providing the educational space with multimedia content, developing a mobile application and creating the world’s largest permanent 3D videomapping.

The Discovery Center is a unique educational space of more than 500 m2 located in the Foyer of the Centennial Hall, a site included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Equipped with touch screens and maps, as well as interactive floor, the permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the history of creation of this unusual building in the light of the changes that took place in architecture of the early twentieth century. The developed space is conducive to new models of education directing the viewer’s attention to active observation of the environment and forcing them to think independently.
The narrative opens with an animated film about the construction of the Centennial Hall and presentations in the form of interactive books which shed light on the atmosphere of Wrocław in the early twentieth century. Then, with several dozen of interactive presentations displayed on the touch screens, visitors learn about major trends in the twentieth century architecture and about modernism around the world. An interactive touch table map of Wrocław emphasises the exceptional city design by allowing the viewer to individually decide on the displayed content and filter information according to selected architectural style.

Complementary to this part of the exhibition are interactive educational games for kids – architectural Puzzles implemented in a spectacular Living Wall technology and a game in which children can play architect. The culminating point of the exhibition is a 3D visual show employing videomapping technology – O(Omicron). Projected under the Dome (of 67 metres in diameter), it is the biggest show in the world. Moreover, visits to the Discovery Center are revolutionised by mobile guide, a tool equipped with the plan of the exhibition, a glossary of complementary information about objects and audio guide narrating the tour around the attractions.

The whole project consists of more than 600 photographs and visualisation models, 40 interactive multimedia presentations, 3 animated 3D films, 2 AR spots, 6 educational games for the youngest, the film dedicated to Wrocław’s history, videomapping show and mobile guide for the Discovery Center’s exhibition.

Project executed by Nolabel Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the New Amsterdam team.


“We would like to kindly acknowledge that Nolabel designed and produced multimedia exhibition for Cognitive Center in Centennial Hall in Wrocław. The exhibition shows the history of modernist Wrocław based on its most recognizable building which is Centennial Hall itself, designed by Max Berg. The exhibition contains multimedia and multi touch tables, living walls and living floor, stereoscopic pictures, animations, 3D mapping and more. 3D mapping is a part of the exhibition of crucial importance to its attractiveness, showing the beauty of Hall’s construction in metaphoric, abstractive way, specific for works of art. Produced by Nolabel, Hall’s 3D mapping is the biggest work of this type in Europe made under the dome. We recommend Nolabel for multimedia design and producing to further clients”.


Bartłomiej Andrusiewicz
President of the Management Board

In a nutshell

600 photographs
and visualizations
40 multimedia
6 interactive
2 AR
500 m2
exhibition space
3D Mapping