Museum of Intercultural Dialogue

National Museum


Opened in 2012, the Museum of Intercultural Dialogue is the newest and the most multimedia-oriented branch of the National Museum in Kielce. We contributed to that project by providing complete multimedia equipment for the main exhibition. We were also responsible for the selection and delivery of audio-visual hardware. The outcome is a modern and interactive place where stories are told in a narrative way.

The permanent exhibition area of 200 m2 is located in a specially darkened space called the Black Hall. Its concept is based on the idea of the labyrinth, which is to give a visitor a sense of overcoming obstacles in building intercultural dialogue. The heart of the exhibition is the so-called Triangle of Diversity, containing multimedia presentations on the history, culture and tradition of national, ethnic and religious minorities. Interactive presentations designed in accordance with a consistent visual system contain a variety of photographic and sound sources. The viewer has, among others, a unique opportunity to trace the history of the Romani or to take a look at the life and customs of the Muslim community. By touching the screen one can decide how much time they devote to familiarise themselves with the chosen content.

An eye-catching element is a wall of screens which simultaneously show recordings and films presenting different aspects of intercultural dialogue. Educational games designed for younger audiences complement the presentation and illustrate cultural diversity in an accessible and attractive way.

Our project involves 10 multimedia presentations, six educational games intended for audiences of various age groups and the film. Also, we delivered advanced projection and sound systems to equip two multimedia screening and conference rooms.

Project executed by Nolabel Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with New Amsterdam team.


“The National Museum in Kielce (…) confirms that NoLabel Sp. z o.o. (…) supplied equipment and multimedia devices, developed multimedia applications and implemented them with due diligence (…).  All tasks within the project were carried out professionally. Their experience supported by formal qualifications allows us to recommend NoLabel Sp . z o.o. as a reliable partner”.

Deputy Director for Administration
Mgr inż. Stanisław Chałupczek

In a nutshell

200 m2
of exhibition space
10 multimedia
6 interactive
2 conference
1 film