Cracovia A.D. 1650

3D animation


The second animated film prepared for the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków. The 3D animation takes the audience to Kraków Anno Domini 1650. The image of the mid-seventeenth century city was reconstructed in great detail based on archival documentation and scientific study.

The presented Kraków is at the peak of development – before the Swedish siege and subsequent reconstruction, which significantly affected the city’s appearance.

The film was made as part of celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the Kraków’s location on the Magdeburg Law. It can now be seen at the Cyberteka. Kraków − time and space exhibition presented in the Krzysztofory Palace, the main branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków. In 2015, our animation was part of the Cracovia 3D. Kraków − the City under the Magdeburg rights exhibition shown in the Kulturhistorisches Museum in Magdeburg.

Directors: Łukasz Czyczyło, Marta Marek, Piotr Opaliński

Script: Marta Marek

Music: Dariusz Regucki

Consultations: Waldemar Komorowski

Animation, editing, special effects: Łukasz Czyczyło

Art Directors: Wioleta Mazurek, Piotr Opaliński

Production Coordinator: Marta Marek

Project executed by Nolabel Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the New Amsterdam team.