Over the last few years, new cultural institutions, science centres, spectacular buildings and new exhibition premises have been created. The more and more popular concept of the narrative museum has allowed for the creation of institutions devoted to specific topics, ideas or events. A contemporary museum is not necessarily a place associated with traditionally understood collections. New technologies have become an integral part of museums and changed their character. And as far as new ways of presenting content are concerned, we know almost everything about them!

What distinguishes narrative museums is their strong appeal to emotions and sensual experience. By using spatial and artistic design and proper lighting we create experiences consistent with the idea which the exhibition is to convey. We are engaged in the selection and delivery of multimedia equipment, lighting and sound systems. We develop multimedia applications and interactive educational games, 2D and 3D animations, videos, multimedia projections and mapping from the very beginning to the finished product. We support the process of digitalisation by providing effective tools for creating digital representations of objects and making them available online. We help to process digitised materials into educational tools, attractive both in their form and content.

  • Concepts for multimedia exhibitions and educational routes
  • Scenarios of exhibitions and multimedia presentations
  • Selection and delivery of multimedia equipment, lighting and sound systems
  • Comprehensive multimedia settings for expositions
  • Design projects, electrical and low voltage systems, setting up computer networks
  • Terms of reference and cost estimates for public procurement contracts
  • Support in obtaining funds from the EU and EEA grants for cultural projects
  • Consultation of finished projects in terms of good practices and risks