Polish History Museum

Competition concept design


The Polish History Museum that is being established in Warsaw is to be an institution dedicated to telling stories about the most significant events in Polish history since the tenth century to the present day. The permanent exhibition will be particularly focused on events connected to the struggle for freedom and independence. We are co-authors of the concept for that permanent exhibition.

Capturing ten centuries of Polish history in one exhibition is not an easy task. In order for the visitors not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content, we put a lot of emphasis on modern means of communication and effective multimedia solutions. History can be fascinating for everyone, not only for a narrow circle of specialists. Our competition design concept includes a scenario for the permanent exhibition and arrangement of space, along with installations and interactive stations.

The Polish History Museum was established in 2006. The Warsaw Citadel located in the neighbourhood of the Katyń Museum (opened in 2015) was chosen as its new premises. The opening of the over 24,000 square metre building is scheduled for November 2018 – the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence.