The River Exhibition

Competition concept design


Apart from the On the Revolutions exhibition for the Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge in Toruń, we have also prepared a concept design for another permanent exhibition –Rzeka [River]. Its main educational goal is a comprehensive presentation of the course of a river – from its source to mouth.

The project refers to the Vistula River, which flows through the city. Our interactive hydrological, biological and ecological stations encourage visitors to experiment and observe physical phenomena. Scientific facts intermingle with numerous natural curiosities. The visual design in cool shades of blue evokes immediate associations with water. In turn, flexible, wavy lines which dominate the space refer to the meandering river.

The Mill, located in a historic building of the Richter’s mill, is the first science centre in the Kujawy and Pomerania region. The goal of the centre is not only education and popularisation of science but also presentation of applications of natural sciences in everyday life.