The Earth exhibition

Competition concept design


The Earth in an interactive exhibition consisting of substantive content (scenarios for multimedia presentations) and visual solutions. Interior design and decorations are accompanied by complementary graphic designs for multimedia stations based on a consistent visual identity, as well as lighting which highlights the dramatic effect of the exhibition.

The aim of the exhibition is presentation of different aspects of the Earth in a way which would be accessible and understandable for different age groups. The content ranges from the beginnings of the Solar System and the planets to the issues related to geology and geography, and finally, to ecology. The exhibition is divided into several thematic zones which occupy two floors. Each of the zones is equipped with experimental stations, which engage the visitors in active reception of the exhibition. A visitor has a chance to “test” the influence of the magnetic field of the Moon on the rotation of the Earth, learn how mountains form or play with the time zones.

The experience begins with a trip into space, which makes it possible to see the Earth from that perspective. The Blue Planet room is dedicated to the formation of the Solar System and the planets.

The dominant element of that zone, kept in dark colours, is a centrally located sphere, on which an animation showing the process of planet formation is projected. Another room is filled with minerals that make up the Earth. The third room, in turn, takes us on a journey into the depths of the seas and oceans, which occupy as much as 71% of the surface of our planet.

The exhibition space on the second floor is divided between geographic and environmental issues. The Continents room is equipped with “wells of knowledge” – interactive touch screen stations, which present characteristics of each of the continents. Visitors can stroll through the world map and activate selected elements to be illuminated, therefore highlighting the existence of time zones. The purpose of the last room, entitled In harmony with nature, is to increase environmental awareness and to show the risks associated with environmental degradation.