Educational games

Imagine controlling a robot or a Mars rover. Or a simulation of docking a space station. Or maybe you want to give architectural puzzles a try? Interactive educational games that go beyond the computer screen are our specialty! We made dozens of educational games for the most important cultural institutions and science centres in Poland.

To look at the world around us through the eyes of a child once in a while is invaluable. We can recall that thirst for knowledge and free our imagination. The resulting space designs are stunning in form and engaging in content, with the feel of a playground more than that of an exhibition. Today, a visit to a museum, gallery or science centre does not have to be boring. Thanks to interactive games learning can be successfully combined with having fun and gaining new skills and experience.

We produce engaging educational games tailored to the theme of the exhibition and dedicated for different age groups – from the youngest to the adult audience. We start the design process with the choice of solutions, set of rules and level of difficulty for subsequent tasks and respective prizes. Next step is preparing the graphic design, testing and finally implementing the application.

Our projects are based on the knowledge of the game mechanics and gamification processes. We understand that behind a real commitment lies the pleasure from playing and satisfaction from tackling the next challenge. Each game must have its purpose and clear rules. The purpose of educational games is learning through entertainment.

We make interactive games:

  • dedicated for mobile devices
  • dedicated for touch screens
  • online
  • which make use of electronics and mechatronics