A successful narrative exhibition is a multimedia spectacle bordering on theatre and film. In order for it to powerfully influence the visitors, it needs a proper setting design. When designing an exhibition, we always think in terms of the object and its functions.

With the aid of visual elements: exhibits, multimedia and general design, we tell a story, and every story must have an appropriate rhythm, pace and clear narration. To achieve this it is necessary to build a coherent and convincing visual message. Each and every element of the exposition has to work for the story, which in turn should justify the entire project.

 We design exhibitions and employ our experience to prepare comprehensive design concepts and lighting arrangements. We can highlight the most important elements and build theatrical narrative around them. We also cover general visual identity and graphic design.

  • Conceptual design
  • Technical design (plans, cross-sections, front views, colour schemes, visualisations)
  • Lighting design
  • AV and IT system design
  • Equipment cost estimate
  • Visual identity: exhibition logo, stations, layouts of multimedia presentations and applications, promotional materials
  • Graphic design
  • Scenarios for visitor and educational routes